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Freephone: 0330 900 9003
Email: info@mechurion.co.uk
Freephone: 0330 900 9003
Email: info@mechurion.co.uk
Established 1995
Costruzione e riparazione strumenti ad arco
Design, manufacture and repair of acoustic string musical instruments.

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Recycling Waste Water
Water Down The Drain
Recycling Rainwater & Waste Water
One of the biggest waste of resources in the UK is water.  For a country that has more than its fair share of rain  for example, most of us are happy to let it flow down the drains or  seep into the ground, thus allowing a potentially valuable resource to  be lost.

Capturing & Recycling Rainwater
You may not realise that rainwater can be captured and recycled  to provide water for many domestic uses around the house, including  washing, bathing and toilet flushing.  And when you consider in the average home that these activities account for approximately 65% of domestic water consumption, that is a substantial volume of water.  A further 33% of water consumption is used for cleaning, car washing and watering gardens, leaving only 2% on average which is used for drinking.

As  households on average only need 2% of their mains water supply to be of  drinkable quality, water for all other activities could come from  anywhere, as long as there is a means of capturing the supply and  pumping it around the house to where it is needed.  This is often  achieved by installing underground tanks to store captured rainwater from roofs and downpipes, and using this to supply water to all non-drinking water outlets.

Recycling Greywater
Rain isn't the only source of water that can be captured.  Waste water from washing, bathing, washing machines and dishwashers can also be  captured and recycled for activities like cleaning and gardening.  This waste water or greywater as it is commonly known, can also be stored in underground tanks, and  goes through a filtering process prior to being fit for reuse.
Waste Shower Water
Commercial, Industrial & Domestic Water Recycling
Recycling rainwater and greywater  is ideally suited for properties with a high water consuption and a  fairly large roof area for capturing rain.  A farm, factory or  industrial complex is probably ideal, particularly if there are a lot of  outbuildings.  

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