Mechurion established in 1995

Freephone: 0330 900 9003
Email: info@mechurion.co.uk
Freephone: 0330 900 9003
Email: info@mechurion.co.uk
Established 1995
Costruzione e riparazione strumenti ad arco
Design, manufacture and repair of acoustic string musical instruments.

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Air Heat Pumps
Renewable Energy - Air Source
If you are looking for  a cost-effective way to reduce both your carbon footprint and your  reliance on fossil-fuel driven central heating, then you should consider  installing an Air Source Heat Pump.

Air source heat pumps like the Ecodan system from Mitsubishi Electric, provide a unique and highly efficient way to heat your home when compared to traditional central heating systems.

Ecodan Air Source Heat Pump
The  Ecodan system consists of an external box which is fitted on an outside  wall of your house.  The "box" then harvests renewable, low-grade  energy from the air and upgrades this into useful heat to provide  heating and hot water for your home.  

Although it uses electricity to upgrade the air into heat, the electricity is used much more efficiently than traditional systems.  Existing central heating systems will normally generate 1Kw of heat for every 1Kw of power used, but the Ecodan is at least 3 times more efficient, generating at least 3Kw of heat for every 1Kw of electricity used.  This means you are heating your home in a more environmentally friendly way by using less input power - and saving on fuel costs as well !!!
Chilly Winters?  No Problem!
The Ecodan has been designed to work efficiently all year round, including throughout the coldest of winters.  For a standard system, heat will still be generated even if the temperature falls to -15°C, whilst higher-graded systems can cope with temperatures as low as -25°C.  So  not a problem for the average UK winter.
No Mains Gas Supply?
In  remote, country areas where there is no mains gas supply, central  heating is frequently provided by an oil-fired system, requiring a bulky  and possibly unsightly oil storage tank, which can prove expensive to  fill, particularly in these days of volatile oil prices.  And of course  there is the issue of ensuring your tank is secure to deter thieves.  

By replacing your oil-fired system with an air source heat pump,  you will remove all of these problems at a stroke.  No unsightly oil  tank.  No expensive oil bills.  No worry about thieves.  Just a simple  box on the wall using natural air.

Mechurion - Air Source Heat Pump Specialists
Mechurion are Mitsubishi approved installers of their Ecodan air source heat pumps, so why not give them a call on Freephone 0330 900 9003 or click here to complete their enquiry form.
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Tel: 0330 900 9003
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