Mechurion established in 1995

Freephone: 0330 900 9003
Email: info@mechurion.co.uk
Freephone: 0330 900 9003
Email: info@mechurion.co.uk
Established 1995
Costruzione e riparazione strumenti ad arco
Design, manufacture and repair of acoustic string musical instruments.

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Pellet Boilers
Eco-Friendly Wood Pellet Boilers
If you are looking for a trully eco-friendly and sustainable way to heat your home, you should consider installing a Wood Pellet "Biomass" Boiler.  A Biomass Boiler will considerably reduce your carbon footprint,  boost your use of green energy, and substantially reduce your reliance on fossil  fuels.

Wood Pellets

Using a by-product of the timber industry in the form of wood pellets, Biomass Boilers burn special pre-formed wood pellets which have been created from unusable offcuts of wood, old branches, wood chippings, sawdust and  other waste timber.  

Depending on your storage facilites and space, the wood pellets are available for bulk delivery by truck, or in convenient plastic bags. The pellets are automatically fed into the boiler for  burning.
Wood pellets tend to be cheaper per kWh than traditional fuels  like natural gas, LPG and heating oil. However, as indicated above, you do need to have adequate storage facilities to ensure you have the space to store either your choice of bag or bulk deliveries.

Biomass Boiler Size & Design

Biomass boilers tend to be larger than an equivalent gas-fired  boiler, and thus requires more room for both installation and pellet storage.  

Thus they tend to be more suited to larger properties like detached houses, farms and country properties in a rural setting where space isn't a problem.

Environmentally Friendly, Safe & Clean

Using wood pellet waste products as fuel, Biomass Pellet Boilers are a sustainable, eco-friendly, safe and convenient way to heat your property, whilst operationally they are fairly similar to the more traditional gas or oil-fired type of heating boilers.

These days most modern Pellet Boilers have similar functions and controls like their gar or oil-fired competitors.   This can include self cleaning facilities which improves cleanliness and removes the need to remove spent ashes every day, and controls which can regulate the flow of pellets into the boiler to match the heat levels required.
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Biomass Pellet Boilers
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