Mechurion established in 1995

Freephone: 0330 900 9003
Email: info@mechurion.co.uk
Freephone: 0330 900 9003
Email: info@mechurion.co.uk
Established 1995
Costruzione e riparazione strumenti ad arco
Design, manufacture and repair of acoustic string musical instruments.

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Eco-Friendly Plumbing & Heating Engineers
over 37 years experience
Traditional Central Heating Systems...
If you are looking to install a new or replacement central heating system, add radiators to an existing system, or replace your old boiler, consider using the services of Mechurion, central heating engineeers who are based in South Wales. With more than 30 years experience of installing traditional gas, oil-fired and under-floor heating systems, Mechurion will provide you with a quality, high-level service at a cost effective price. Call them on Freephone 0330 900 9003 or click here to complete their enquiry form.
Eco-Friendly Heating Systems...
As heating & power bills continue to rise, you should consider  installing alternative, environmentally-friendly systems to supplement  your existing power supply and central heating. Not only will this help  to reduce your annual bills, your actions may also benefit the  environment. Mechurion will be pleased to discuss various options with you, including air heat pumps and biomass pellet boilers.
Plumbing Services...
Need a plumber? Look no further. Mechurion cover every aspect of domestic plumbing from repairing leaking pipes to installing washing machines and replacing drains. No job is too big or too small. And if you want to help preserve the environment and save on metered water bills, Mechurion can install a greywater recovery system, enabling you to recover and reuse waste water over and over again. Call 0330 900 9003 for more details or click here to complete their enquiry form.
Industrial Plant...
As well as domestic installations, Mechurion are qualified mechanical and heating engineers, with the experience and skills to install, maintain and manage complex industrial installations, including boiler rooms and plant. Give Mechurion a call on 0330 900 9003 to find out how they can keep your plant and equipment running at optimum capacity and efficiency, year in and year out. Alternatively, click here to use the online contact-enquiry form.
Other Services...
To assist domestic customers and save them from trying to find a variety of different and reliable contractors, Mechurion are able to provide a variety of other services. This includes building work, home extensions, loft extensions, roof repairs, fencing and patios. Give them a call on 0330 900 9003 for more details or click here to complete the online enquiry form.
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